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What is dragonscape?

Welcome to the world of DragonScape, a full scale dragon-based Metaverse of P2E games and the very first Metaverse in the “EnigmaVerse” Ecosystem. Our first game will be an action-packed RPG Trading Card Game in which each player starts off with a young set of dragons, in their journey of self-discovery and a quest that will lead them down perilous and adventure-filled paths, as they navigate through the DragonScape Metaverse.

The DragonScape Metaverse will be an immersive play-to-earn world, where you will be rewarded for time spent battling in-game. Players can also earn DSCAPE tokens for completing in-game quests and battles.


DSCAPE tokens form the base currency for the world of DragonScape, earn them as you complete quests, battle and enjoy hours of gameplay.

The $DSCAPE token will serve various utilities such as:
In game purchases of items/characters within the RPG, NFT marketplace transactions and farming rewards.


Token: DragonScape / Symbol: $DSCAPE / Network: BSC / Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion)
Gain 8% redistribution rewards in BNB for simply holding $DSCAPE.

NFT Metaverse
Dragonscape genesis

We will be creating a series of different DSCAPE specific PFP NFT’s. The collection will be named Dragon Genesis(DGEN) and will include exquisite artwork including dragon eggs for our founding community members, through to dragon crystals and statues.

Each NFT collection will form the basis of the DGEN eco-system and serve as a badge of honour for our community members.

But that’s not all: As we grow and develop the DGEN project, each NFT will be pinned to a code with unique forms of utility, for both the Crypto industry and the world beyond Crypto. Some of these utilities will come in the form of “stats” for both GameFi and DeFi applications, as well as certain types of VIP access and more.

Dragon clans

The DragonScape Metaverse revolves around 5 Dragon Clans:

  • The Luster Dragons
  • The Colossus Dragons
  • The Catacomb Dragons
  • The Dynasty Dragons
  • The Nether Dragons

These elements and body part combinations are combined in order to create different Dragon breath Attacks, defence abilities, and more. As well as determine the stats of the monsters you breed and their individual and unique look. Each Dragon Clan is incorporated into the mechanics of the DSCAPE game and forms the basis of the DragonScape lore.

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Dragonscape wiki

The DragonScape wiki is an all encompassing index of information, outlining all the key aspects and concepts that are on offer from the DSCAPE team.
Here you will find materials regarding the gameplay, NFT's, all the way through to the team and the roadmap.

This wiki is reviewed and updated regularly with new features and improvements from the project team.
Welcome to the world of DragonScape, a full scale dragon-based Metaverse of P2E games, NFT's and the very first Metaverse in the “EnigmaVerse” ecosystem.