Eagle Scout / Community Service Projects

If you are an Eagle Scout in need of a project or if you are looking for a great community service project, we have some great opportunities for you to work with us at KC Pet Project!

We are happy to work with individuals or groups of students who would like to work with KC Pet Project as the beneficiary of service projects and have several opportunities available that help to fill a need for us and for the community we serve. Students and Scouts may choose to build doghouses, community cat houses, or make emergency evacuation leashes. Older students may choose to foster dogs, or a litter of kittens with the help and permission of their adults. 

All projects must be approved by KC Pet Project in advance, and fosters must complete a short training with our Foster Managers. All building materials needed are the responsibility of the student. Supplies needed for fostering will be provided by KC Pet Project.

Please contact our community education coordinator, Alex Ayala, for more information.

dog house instructions

If you’re interested in building dog houses for pets out in the community, please see the instructions and materials needed.

Submitted by Andrew Smith for his Eagle Project

Community cat house instructions

Alley Cat Allies has a lot of great resources on how to build outdoor community cat houses. And here’s a great video showing you how you can make community cat shelters. Make sure to use straw and not hay. Straw helps to retain heat and repel moisture. We distribute these, as needed, to members of our community.

drag leash instructions

Sometimes we have a dog in our care who is shy, fearful or just nervous, and not ready to be touched. When a new person approaches them to attach a leash to the dogs collar it can cause unpredictable behavior. A drag leash is a tool that the Canine Care and our Behavior & Training Team use every day in the shelter. These leashes are lightweight, durable and can easily be left attached to a dog’s collar without irritating.  It creates safe space between the handler and the dog and allows the handler to lead the dog on a walk or to a playgroup without touching them when they may not be ready. 

These leashes must be 6′ long and can be made from paracord or nylon rope. Please look at this video for instructions and a list of materials. 


Boxes are great for scratching! Cats have a need to scratch. It it gives them a perfect stretch for their toes, paws, legs, shoulders and spine, and keeps them in great shape. Scratching allows them to shed the outer part of their nails, revealing the new nail underneath. It is also a territory marking behavior and allows cats to leave scent trails behind from the scent glands in their paws, and visible marks for other cats to notice. Cardboard boxes are very satisfying for cats to scratch. A cat’s nails can sink into the material, which feels great, makes a pleasing sound, and leaves nice visible grooves!. After you’ve made those cookie sales, (or eaten some …) Please recycle your boxes into scratching posts for our shelter kitties! 

Kennel Cat Scratchers Instructions

Piedmont Girl Scout Troop #33587