Youth Education and Enrichment Activities

Check out these fun activities for kids who love pets!


Thank you for taking the time to follow these instructions and help us with making some enrichment treats for the pets of KC Pet Project. They help to keep our pets happy and healthy!

Due to COVID-19, donations may be dropped off in front of the south entrance of the campus on the donation table. 

Peanut Butter Cookies video tutorial

Peanut Butter Cookies

“Peanut Butter Cookies” are very easy and fun to make. Just be sure not to use peanut butter that is sugar free or reduced fat. These varieties contain chemicals that can be harmful or even deadly to dogs.

Pupsicles video tutorial


These are tasty healthy treats for our dogs at the shelter! Feel free to be creative. You can use any frozen fruit or vegetable EXCEPT cherries, grapes or raisins, and fill the cups with your choice of broth, pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling) or yogurt. Again, please do NOT use cherry, or sugar free yogurt as they may contain chemicals harmful or fatal to dogs.

Kitty Puzzles video tutorial

Kitty Puzzles

Kitty Puzzles are a great way to keep our shelter cats entertained and active. Start saving your paper rolls and get creative! They can be filled with a few mid quality or higher cat treats, or kibble.

More Fun Activities

Download our word search, coloring book, or write a letter to a pet awaiting adoption!

Schedule a Youth Group Enrichment Tour

This is a great way for Schools, Scouts, or any other youth groups to visit the shelter for a tour, and to volunteer. Your group will have the opportunity to meet with a member of our Canine or Feline staff (perhaps with a furry friend), to learn about what a day caring for our animals at KC Pet Project looks like. Then we’ll make some enrichment treats for our residents, and go on a tour of the public areas. 1 hour of youth service hours can be provided upon request.

We are now offering in-person tours of the campus . We are booking several types of  tours at this time.