Boulevard Brewing Company’s KC Pils to benefit KC Pet Project

kc pils kcpp

We’re thrilled to announce an amazing opportunity with Boulevard Brewing Company: From March through August, a portion of all KC Pils sales benefits KC Pet Project, as a part of their KC Pils Partner Series.

That means that every time you order a draft of KC Pils from your favorite local bar, every time you crack a new can or pop a top, a portion of your purchase supports the 14,000 pets we care for every year.

Keep an eye out: Co-branded KC Pils packages can be found in bottles starting in March and cans beginning in April. Those interested in supporting KC Pet Project can purchase KC Pils at bars, restaurants, grocery stores and liquor stores throughout the greater Kansas City area.

Boulevard Brewing Company has been a tremendous supporter of our organization and our pets for many years, and we are thrilled and honored to be a part of this wonderful program that supports nonprofits in our community.